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"Personal Injury Claims"

We handle car wreck claims and other personal injury cases. Many times, workers who are injured in the course of their employment may also have rights against the persons who negligently caused their injuries. When that happens, it is important that the injured worker protect his or her rights under both Kansas negligence law and the Workers Compensation Act. For this reason, we also represent persons injured in all types of accidents, whether on the job or elsewhere, such as car collisions or any accident where serious injury results. On these types of cases, we are paid when you recover. We don't get paid unless and until you recover on your claim.

"Social Security Claims"

If you have severe disabilities from any injury, disease or medical condition that prevents you from working full time we can help you obtain social security disability benefits. 

Often, our representation of clients requires knowing how to coordinate benefits. Severely injured workers and clients with personal injuries can also qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. When that occurs, it is important that the injured worker protect his or her rights under both the Kansas Workers Compensation Act and the Social Security Act. For this reason, we also offer representation for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, both for our workers compensation clients, and for these types of claims also. We are paid on these claims only out of a portion of the benefits that are paid to you by the Social Security Administration. We don't get paid unless you do. 

Furthermore, our representation of clients requires legal expertise in coordinating benefits from differnet sources. Severely injured clients can recieve benefits from car insurance, social security and workers compensation. So having an attorney with experience in all these areas is critical for the injured person to receive the maximum benefits allowed by law for each case. 

"Workers Compensation: What Are My Rights as an Injured Worker?"

If your injury is covered by the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, you are entitled to medical care at your employer's expense. This includes transportation, prescriptions, medical tests, doctor fees, and related expenses.

If you cannot work because of your injury, you may also be entitled to payment while you are off of work, based on a portion of your average weekly wage.

If you have suffered a permanent injury, you may be entitled to compensation based on the extent of that injury, and, in some cases, how that injury affects your ability to return to work and earn a living. The Kansas Workers Compensation Act sets out a complicated system of compensation. Protecting your rights under that law is our job.

Other rights include rights to a trial of your case, the right to obtain medical treatment in the future for your work injuries, the right to review and modify your case in the future if your circumstances should change, and the right to appeal your case.

Most work injuries are obvious—someone has a fall, or is struck by an object, or is otherwise injured in a sudden and direct event. Under Kansas law, however, work-related injuries can also include conditions that come on gradually, or through repetitive motions, such as a back or neck injury brought on by lifting and twisting at work. A workers compensation accident can include injuries to the arms and hands brought on by repeating the same actions each day or by the use of certain power tools. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of this type of injury. Whether or not you have suffered a work related injury with these conditions is both a medical and a legal question—and our lawyers experienced in workers compensation can assist you in answering these questions.

"Workers Compensation: Do You Need a Lawyer?"

If you need to ask this question, then you probably do need a lawyer.

Most workers injured within Kansas, or hired in Kansas and injured elsewhere, are covered by the Kansas Workers Compensation Act. This law provides protection to injured workers—but it is a complicated set of rules. A lawyer experienced in the Workers Compensation Act can explain your rights to you and guide you through the legal minefield to protect your rights.

Employers have a number of defenses that they can raise to defeat an injured worker's rights—and employers also have their own insurance company. If you are injured, your first contact with "the system" will probably be through an insurance adjuster who is assigned to "handle" your claim. This adjuster has been trained by his or her company to deal with injured workers to limit the cost to the insurance company. Many injured workers know that it took them years of hard work and experience to develop their work skills, just like it takes lawyers many years of education and experience to become effective advocates. Do you need a lawyer if you have been injured? You can be sure that the employers and insurance companies have many lawyers available to them advising them how best to "handle" your claim—and it does not include an evaluation of what is the most they can do or pay to help an injured worker. Your lawyer will represent you and your rights, with the sole purpose of obtaining the maximum benefit you are allowed under the facts and the Kansas Workers Compensation Act.

If you have suffered a permanent injury, you may be entitled to compensation based on the extent of that injury and even how it affects your ability to earn a living in the future. Would you let the person who owes you money tell you how much they owe you, or would you want to check it out for yourself and make sure you were paid the correct amount? If an insurance adjuster tells you how much money his or her company owes you, do you think the adjuster will try to determine the most money the company is required to pay you, or the least amount?

Failure to notify your employer of your injury, or to provide a written claim, or to file an application for hearing with the State of Kansas, can destroy your right to seek compensation for your work injury. Injured workers who ignore their injuries because they "don't want to make waves" can and do end up losing their rights to obtain workers compensation benefits. Because the time deadlines in workers compensation cases and personal injury cases are very short, to protect your rights we recommend you contact a competent attorney immediately after you have suffered an injury.

Snider & Seiwert, L.L.C., handles its workers compensation cases by only getting paid when you do. This means that you do not have to worry about getting the money to hire a lawyer when you do not have the money to do so. We are paid based only on the successful outcome of your case—if you don't get paid, then we don't get paid. Best of all, it costs nothing to discuss your case with an experienced workers compensation lawyer.